Summer Workshops

Future Workshops –
2018 – June 11-15, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN


Download tentative workshop schedule
Download 2018 NSF RCN-UBE Yeast ORFan Workshop Application– updated 4/6/2018

2019 – June 17-21(tentative), Austin College, Sherman, TX
2020 North Central College, Naperville, IL
2021 Ohlone College, Newark, CA

Definition of ORFan –
GO term is “no known function” in either molecular function or biological process.  Other genes could be defined as appropriate for network involvement based on available information. ORF choice should be driven by the user, with suggestions and guidance from the network group as needed.

Instructional Design Module
Will focus on design of a semester-long pipeline plan for defining ORFan function that fits your institutional or curriculum setting. For example, making gene deletions concurrently with running bioinformatics modules.