Summer Workshops

The summer workshops provide an opportunity for faculty to collaborate on adapting bioinformatic and wet-lab modules for use in classes at their home institutions. The workshops also include a session on assessment of the modules. Faculty attending the workshop may bring a student along to learn the modules and be able to provide course assistance during the academic year.

 2021 workshop held Aug 2-6
North Central College, Naperville, IL

Worhsop Report on the DeSales Univerisity Website!

Striking Lab Results Achieved by Students and Faculty Member

Final Workshop
2022 Ohlone College, Newark, CA

ASM-CUE Aug 2 2019 session handout ASM CUE handout

ASM-CUE Aug 2 2019 powerpoint ASM-CUE workshop Aug 2019


Past Workshops
June 2017, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA
June 2018, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN
June 2019,  Austin College, Sherman, TX

2018 Rhodes College Memphis TN                                     2019 Austin College Sherman TX